With the growing use of Internet and broadband communications, the unique monitoring characteristicsof IP network cameras are creating new business opportunities,and a new type of monitoring market is beginning to emerge.IP cameras, also known as network cameras, can be installed virtually anywhere, including stores, offices, schools and factories, and by connecting them to an IP network such as the Internet or LAN remote, monitoring can be conducted from anywhere, anytime.

Benefit using network camera

1. NOT only monitor but you can control it from PDA or mobile phone using GPRS. 
2. Picture can be seen clear in the dark ( color night view mode until 0.09 lx ) 
3. Can be zoom until 42 X 
4. Human Detection Sensor is when someone come in 5 m distance, The camera will automatically send the message to your mobile phone 
5. Using internal & external Memory, ( Internal until 250 picture, external until 2 GB ) 
6. Built in microphone so you not only can monitoring picture but voice monitoring