Jual Philips Lighting System

Philips Lighting System

Philips Lighting System

Philips Lighting System

Philips lighting for every task and taste

No matter what your customer´s lighting needs are, Philips offers a wide product range of Interact Ready luminaires and lamps created for a maximum of performance personalization and design.

All components, including wireless sensors and wall switches are interoperable, upgradeable and made to provide customers with the light, comfort and convenience their business deserves.

  • Energy-saving, robust and reliable
  • Hole-for-hole replacement of
  • conventional lighting
  • No additional components or wiring needed
  • Future proof: easy software updates
  • over the air
  • Independent intelligent behavior of luminaires
  • and lamps simplifies setup and ensures reliable
  • function
  • No compatibility issues due to thorough testing
  • Affordable solution for small and
  • medium enterprises

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