Revolutionizing the way you experience media, ADMS removes all boundaries between TV, movies, music and Internet. ADMS doesn’t just serve the content you have, it delivers anything you want.

Explore World Search
Exclusive Crestron WorldSearch® technology performs lightning fast keyword searches and scans the entire multimedia universe for every occurrence of any subject, organizing and displaying the results instantaneously based on relevance, quality and price. Whether content is located on your iTunes library, the optional 400-disc Blu-ray changer, Video On Demand®, the built-in 1TB hard drive, your computer’s hard drive, or the best Internet media sites, WorldSearch® will find it instantly and deliver it to your HD home theater.
Explore Video
With Video On Demand onboard, ADMS brings the largest selection of movies for rent or purchase right to your HD display. Complete online catalogs are updated daily, providing immediate access to new releases. Your personal library of Blu-ray discs and DVDs are conveniently played from the built-in Blu-ray drive or in the 400-disc Blu-ray changer, which is expandable to 2800 discs, storing even the largest personal movie library. ADMS also provides an incomparable Internet TV experience, delivering instant access to the best online video content, from popular sites such as Hulu, Joost, Vimeo, Metacafe, YouTube and others. ADMS delivers an enhanced web entertainment experience to the comfort of your home theater in true HD.
Explore Music
The most popular music formats, including Apple iTunes®, Windows Media and MP3, are natively supported by ADMS, allowing you to search and play any song, podcast, video or audio book directly from your iTunes library on your home theater or multi-zone audio system. Preview songs before you add them to your queue, search by genre, song, album and artist, and scroll through the album art, all from the touchpanel. You never have to leave your seat or the ADMS onscreen menu. Even download new titles and build new playlists from the living room without opening iTunes from the home computer.
Explore Photos and Home Videos
Easily view your digital photos and home movies in the ADMS video library. Browse through photos and videos, quickly search by album, create slideshows and watch movies all directly on your TV.
Explore Internet Browser
Featuring an exclusive, integrated Web browser, ADMS delivers the Internet to your HD TV display. Surf the Web, check email or watch a live streaming video of breaking news or your favorite sports team in true HD.
Explore Home Control
Of course, any Crestron system would not be complete without an intuitive onscreen display to control your home. Select icons from the menu to access audio, video, lights, shades, thermostats and more.