– Efficiency of operations costs
– performance improvements
– Solutions of the door (voice, data, video, and mobility)
– The efficiency of investment costs
– Lower the maintenance Costs
– It has a return value    investment in a few months

Conventional Telephone
Private Hosted Telephone
Local Maintenance
– There needs to be in place
– Cost of work hour high
– Its own network management

Network Limited
– Head office and branches

– UCS does not support
– There is a network management system

An Internal Communication
– Cost of phone and internet
– High telephone costs
– Using a truck line
– Limited Extension office
– Need phone lines
– Can not video call

An External Communication
– Cost of local, long distance and international
– Line sharing with internal trunk
– Keep the operator of each branch
– Voice mail each branch
– Costs for hub GSM Mobile
Remote Maintenance
– Can be remote from outside
– Low Costs work hour
– Management of centralized network

Unlimited Network
– Head office, branches, home offices, field section

– UCS support
– Support network management system

An Internal Communication
– Cost Internet only
– Near zero
– Do not use a trunk line
– Extension can be anywhere
– Ride of data network
– Can video call

An External Communication
– PSTN, ISDN, IP Centrex
– Can only Local costs 
– Line trunk full for external
– Operator only central office
– Voice mail at headquarters
– Mobile extension