The Dimmer control can be used to easily and instantly raise or lower the amount of light. Whatever the task, the mood or the amount of natural light, you can adapt your room lighting to suit.

– Single and dual dimmer available 
– Auto load-sensing capability
– Green LEDs indicate light level
– Lights softly fade to on/off
– Acoustically quiet operation
– Available in 3-way models, when the lights are controlled from more than one location
– Memorizes last light level
– Full family of products including wiring accessories
– Replaces a standard switch
– Double-tap to full on; tap on to favourite level; tap off
– Full family of products including wiring accessories

– 220-240V, 50/60 Hz
– CE, CCC and UL approved
– Backbox with a depth of at least 35mm recommended
– Universal dimmer with leading and trailing edge capability
– Auto-reset thermal overload protection
– Auto-reset short-circuit and over-current protection
– 10-year power-failure memory
– Precise colour consistency