Emtrolet brings to you the latest in wireless technology innovations for both residential and commercial use. We specialise in wireless Curtain and Blind controls, advanced Universal handheld remote controls and many other products. We also provides the latest in RF (Radio Wave Frequency) and IR (Infared Frequency) technologies to our versatile products. Giving our customers the confidence with the effectivness in Flexibility, Cost Saving, Durability and Environmentally safe products.

Motorized Curtain Emtrolet
• Completely concealed build-in motor in track 
• Simple setting for opening or closing automatically with remote or manual 
• Track made from robust aluminum with high quality mechanism 
• Silent operation of the motor on movement with integrated electronic protection 
• Integrated radio frequency (RF) for wireless control up to 6 channels/groups 
• Infrared (IR) and Dry wire Interface 
• Compatible and can be integrated to any intelligent home system 
• Memory retention feature in case of power outage