Palladiom QS Room Thermostat

The Palladiom QS room thermostat provides guestroom temperature control. The beautiful design and enhanced energy-saving features make this an ideal solution for any project.

myRoom Vue

myRoom Vue is a powerful and easy to use web-based front end dashboard. It allows you to adjust, monitor, and troubleshoot lights, HVAC, and motorized window treatments in guestrooms from a tablet or desktop-based browser.

Palladiom™ QS Wallstation

Palladiom QS wallstations combine elegant design with intuitive operation. This wallstation aesthetic will complement any guestroom décor, while providing the optimal user experience.

Alena Pull-to-Start Drapery Track

Alena pull-to-start drapery track system puts control in your guests’ hands. With either a button press or a gentle tug, your guests will enjoy control of this simple and intuitive motorized drapery solution.