Jual Audio Intercom Murah Indonesia

Jual Audio Intercom Murah Indonesia, the intercom is an extension of a communication device or internal communication equipment. An intercom is an electronic communication system intended for talks, announcements, or limited communication processes. Intercom is often called interphone or interphone. The intercom is connected through a cable called the Beudrat cable. This cable is used to transmit sound from one intercom to another.

  • Commax Intercom
Jual Audio Intercom Murah Indonesia
  • Fermax Intercom
Jual Audio Intercom Murah Indonesia
  • T & J Intercom
Jual Audio Intercom Murah Indonesia

The frequency used by the intercom

  • 900 MHz
    Intercom with 900 MHz frequency has been circulating in the market. 900 MHz radio wave frequency users are only found in North America, Australia, and Israel. When this product was first marketed, the method used to communicate was using analog technology. One problem with 900 MHz analog products is that it allows others to listen to the conversations we have if they have a device that uses the same frequency. At present, the 900 MHz product uses a digital spectrum where the digital transmission can exceed the frequency range so that other devices cannot eavesdrop on conversations.
  • 2.4GHz
    After 900 MHz appeared 2.4 GHz which is used almost all over the world. Not many intercoms use this frequency except the video intercom system. However, the problem with 2.4 GHz is that this frequency range is also used by WiFi networks in residential or business environments. If at home or office using an internet connection, this network can interfere with the performance of the intercom system. The use of a WiFi network must be reset at all times using the intercom, and in the end making the intercom also reset.
  • MURS-150 MHz
    MURS is an abbreviation of multi-use radio service, which is a spectrum of radio waves that use a frequency of 150 MHz. Services for the use of this spectrum are carried out in the United States and Canada. The frequency strength is very weak and the range is around the VHF area (very high frequency). However, increasing the range can be done by installing an external antenna on the roof of the building. This antenna can increase the power of radiation in sending data. MURS intercoms can send information from one party to another up to a distance of 4 miles with the addition of an external antenna. Using this frequency is not safe, but there are only a few systems and external devices that can catch this frequency.
  • Power carrier system
    The power carrier intercom system communicates using a very low FM frequency via a 110-volt power supply voltage cable. This unit is susceptible to interference inside and outside the home, such as buzzing, and weak audio. The signal on the intercom cannot pass 220 volts and instead divides the voltage into 2 currents with 110 volts each.

Intercom type

  1. Wired intercom
  2. Cat-5 intercom system
  3. Wireless intercom
  4. Video intercom

Jual Audio Intercom Murah Indonesia

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